‘Rambo! But Gay!’

Rambo head band

Writer/director Michael Serrato—who has been involved in such projects as the Big Gay Sketch Show and Neil’s Puppet Dreams—brings you a very gay retelling of what many believe to be the most macho movie ever made,Rambo: First Blood. In Serrato’s Rambo! But Gay!, no gay stone is left unturned. This Rambo—portrayed by L.A. nightlife impresario Mario Diaz—is a hunkier, studlier version of Sylvester Stallone. With his ripped muscles covered in glistening tattoos, Rambo gets off the bus in Jerkwater, USA, searching for his secret “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” lover, Jimmy, only to discover his “more than a war buddy” is dead.

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Mario Diaz: King of LA’s Gay Nightlife

If you’ve spent any time in the gay bars of West Hollywood or Silver Lake, you’ve probably seen Mario Diaz. He has the body and mustache of a 70’s porn star. And with a wry smile and a glint in his eye, he promises more trouble than you can probably handle. For those involved in the gay nightlife anywhere in America, Mario Diaz is legendary.


But Diaz was not always one of the kings of LA’s gay nightlife. It was in Seattle, as a high-schooler, where he realized he could throw a party better than the rest. It was in New York where he became famous. And it was in Los Angeles where he found freedom and happiness.

“I’ve always had an intense drive and ambition, and right now my ambition is to appreciate what’s in front of me,” Diaz said “My life is so blessed”

Today, Diaz is an actor, dancer, model and musician, and above all the architect of the sexiest and most scandalous events on either side of the Silver Lake/WeHo divide. His events are well attended by both camps.

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